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2H Consulting helps clients navigate the cross-fields of complex product and service offerings and effective marketing and communications.
Combining in-depth knowledge of finance and economics with a thorough understanding of effective communication and marketing strategies, 2H Consulting has specialised in helping businesses within financial services, investments, real-estate, brokerage services and banking reach their full potential.

Based in Zürich, Switzerland, with clients from Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland, 2H Consulting is a trusted partner for Swiss companies looking to enter or conduct initial market research on the Scandinavian markets.

Our consulting services span marketing, communication, project evaluation, and strategic problem-solving. Our services are specifically targeted businesses operating in the above-mentioned sectors, however, our structured approach to problem-solving within our areas of expertise allows us to provide value for businesses operating in a wide range of industries.

We prefer mutually beneficial relationships built upon mutual trust and aligned goals.
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2H Consulting, M. Henriksen


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